Call for papers - Dossier "Homeschooling: controversies and perspectives"

Call for papers     1 – Title: Homeschooling: controversies and perspectives    2 – Guest editorial board:   Gert Biesta (National University of Ireland - Maynooth)   Carl Safstrom (National University of Ireland – Maynooth)   Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil)   Bruno Antonio Picoli (Federal University of Fronteira Sul – Brazil)   Cibele Cheron (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil)   Fernando de Araújo Penna (Fluminense Federal University – Brazil)      3 –Submission Due Date: until December 31, 2019.    4 – Publication Schedule: volume 16, year 2020 (continuous publication)         5 – Types of papers expected:   - Unpublished papers that meet the theme of the special issue. - Book reviews on the subject of the dossier, published in the last five years.    This special issue aims at bringing together studies and research that present an updated theoretical or empirical discussion about homeschooling, written by national and foreign researchers and that offer significant contributions in the following themes:-   - Homeschooling: theoretical-conceptual aspects and literature review on the subject;-   - Homeschooling and education policies, encompassing discussions about the practicalities and constitutionality of legislative proposals, as well as the conflicts between public policies in the area and the bills that intend to regulate practice in Brazil;   - Teaching professionalization and home teaching, covering the perspectives of parents who take on the task of teaching the curriculum content to their children, and the conditions in which they do it;   - School curriculum and homeschooling, and their relation with a curriculum defined a posteriori - according to the planned annual examinations;- Family and school, focusing on the private and public spaces of education;   - Education, conflict and otherness, conceiving the school as a training agent for citizenship and social transformation.    Further information:    -  All received submissions will be evaluated as to their relevance to the theme of the special issue.   - The papers or book reviews should be sent to: The text should be sent in Word format, with the identification of the authors, institution and e-mail. - The authors will be responsible for the proofreading of the texts in English. - Papers from research involving human beings should include a section on ethical issues.    Contact: